International exhibition of interior materials and decor items
14–16 April 2020 • EXPOFORUM, St.Petersburg, Russia

Exhibition visiting rules

1. Any individuals who have accepted the organiser’s invitation to visit the exhibition and have registered as visitors or have bought a ticket agree with these rules and undertake to observe them.

2. Entrance to the exhibition is permitted only for professional visitors. A professional visitor is a business owner, individual entrepreneur, administrator, director, manager, specialist or any other representative of international or Russian company, business, state administrative body, association, or union visiting the exhibition in order to achieve professional objectives. To confirm the professional status of the visitor the exhibition organisers reserve the right to request an identification document: business card, mandate, official letter from the organisation represented, or any other document confirming the professional status of the visitor.

3. Entrance to the exhibition is by badge only. Badges are valid throughout the exhibition period.

4. Badges may be printed independently after registering on the exhibition website or can be obtained at the entrance, in exchange for a ticket or invitation and a completed visitor survey.

  • A paper ticket can be acquired at the ticket office at the exhibition entrance
  • Completing the visitor survey when exchanging a ticket or invitation for a badge is mandatory. Registration forms will be available on tables near the reception desk
  • Press representatives can obtain badges after accreditation, which can be done on the exhibition website
  • In case of a badge being lost, please contact the reception

5. Any transfer or sale of visitor badges to a third party is prohibited. The exhibition organisers reserve the right to check the visitor’s name with the badge. For these purposes the organiser may request a personal identification document.

6. Visitors are prohibited from conducting trade, distributing any promotional or advertising material, giving presentations, demonstrations, campaigns or any other actions at the exhibition without the written consent of the organiser.

7. It is prohibited to attend the exhibition in a state or appearance that does not comply with the business nature of the exhibition and accepted behavioural norms, or to disrupt public order.

8. In case of a violation of these rules, the organiser has the right to refuse access to the exhibition without any compensation.