International exhibition of interior materials and decor items
16–18 April 2020 • EXPOFORUM, St.Petersburg, Russia

The profile of visitors

4 850 specialists attended Design&Decor St. Petersburg 2019:

  • More than 700 representatives of specialized wholesale and retail trade companies
  • More than 2 500 professional designers and decorators
  • More than 300 architects 
  • More than 200 representatives of the HoReCa-industry companies
Why do visitors come to Design&Decor St. Petersburg exhibition?
  • To choose the products for design projects 
  • To update the range of the trading companies and showrooms
  • To find suppliers of products for the public interiors decoration
Visitors’ survey results:


  • 95% of visitors make or influence on purchasing decisions
  • 62% of visitors signed or planned to sign contracts with the exhibitors
  • 44% of visitors do not attend the exhibitions on the same subject in Russia and abroad

Number of visitors, interested in certain products*


Interior and decor items 4 123
Furniture                                                 2 862
Interior lighting 2 619
Interior textile
2 037

* Multiple choice questions were used in visitors’ questionnaire