Exhibitors' References 2022

Many thanks to the Design&Decor exhibition from MeHOME furniture production team. Here we presented our new modern kitchen. We found a lot of interesting acquaintances and partners, it was very useful for promotion, we will definitely come next year.

We leave for the weekend with a very pleasant fatigue from the three-day exhibition. To accommodate all the guests, next time we need a stand three times larger. Conversations about MeHOME were conducted from early morning until the closing of the exhibition. We exchanged colossal creative energy!

More than 550 guests of our copper kitchen, more than 50 requests to direct, an immense number of questions and compliments! We noted that all our guests are stylish, sophisticated and with a special sense of beauty!

Olga Menitskaya
MeHOME company, furniture production
MeHome фото
Шевченко фото
The exhibition showed great activity on the part of manufacturers. The companies are determined to occupy the domestic market with high-quality products, and this is very pleasing.

The Designers Club business program this year was interesting with practical solutions to attract customers.

We even organized a brainstorming session. I have never seen such a thing in the exhibition programs of Russia. Thanks for the initiative to designer Maria Dlugoborskaya.

I am looking forward to the next exhibition to see how the production will develop, what achievements will be! Thank you for being with us!

Vladimir Shevchenko,
Creative producer of Designers Club
logo loftmagic design
We have little experience of participating in exhibitions, this is the second exhibition we take part. We really like it. This is our target audience. Thanks to the organizers, we hope for further cooperation.

Loft Magic Design
Manufacturer of designer furniture and partitions

A wonderful exhibition, a lot of people, a lot of designers. Everyone is walking, watching, looking for new ideas for themselves. We are ready to provide you with these ideas.

Furniture workshop
Welcome to the Design&Decor exhibition. There are many visitors, designers, interesting companies are represented here.
Everything is very interesting, interesting lectures.

Carpet selection service
Анна Маркина
Today I was a speaker at Design&Decor. It turned out to be exciting and inspiring. Thank you for the invitation!

Anna Markina,
Founder and Chief designer of MARKINAPROJECT, speaker of Designers Club
Юлия Тарасенко
At the Design&Decor exhibition: presentation, meetings with colleagues and suppliers. A lot of useful things.

Yulia Tarasenko,
Founder and Head of the T&T architectural workshop, speaker of the Designers Club
Светлана Чусовская
Thanks to colleagues for a life-affirming meeting!

Svetlana Chusovskaya,
Producer of projects in the field of design, architecture, moderator of Designers Club

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