198095, Russia, St. Petersburg, 35A, 533, Varshala Govorova str.
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+7 (812) 3075935
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MARKET SVETA solves problems in the search and selection of lamps, for home, office, cottage, restaurant, hotel, enterprise or industrial facility, relying on 9 years of experience. We collaborate with designers, architects, construction companies, online stores and retail stores. We invite you to visit the stand of MARKET Sveta at the Design & Décor exhibition. ST. Petersburg. Here you will find: - more than 90 verified suppliers from 14 countries; - 90 000 models of lamps; - 3 own stores (St. Petersburg; Moscow); - personal conditions for the procurement of various brands.
Adilux; Alfa; Ambiente; Ambrella; Art Classic; Arte Lamp; Arti Lampadari; Bogates; Bohemia; Brilliant; Britop; Brizzi; Chiaro; Citilux; Crystal Lux; De Markt; Dio D'Arte; Divinare; Eglo; Elektrostandart; Emibig; Eurosvet; F-Promo; Favourite; Feron; Freya; Fumagalli; Gauss; Glassburg; Globo; ID lamp; Ideal Lux; J-light; Jupiter; Kemar; L'Arte Luce; La Lampada; Lamp4You; Lamplandia; Leds C4; LightStar; Loft It; Lucia Tucci; Lucide; Luminex; Lumion; Lussole; Mantra; MarksLojd; Maytoni; MW-Light; N-