127238, Russia, Moscow, 60A, Dmitrovskoe high.
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+7 (495) 6609277; +7 (800) 3010635
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About company
"Dekomo" - the largest wholesale supplier of lighting products in the market of Russia and the CIS. Formed the best range of interior, decorative and technical light: - more than 100 brands in warehouses in Moscow and St. Petersburg; - more than 200 brands under the order from Europe. Developed by smart services: - Electronic showcase; - Personal account; - Commodity base. Built convenient logistics: - delivery time from 1 day; - points of self; -delivery across Russia. Partners "Decomo»: - Decorators; - Construction company; - Companies for the complete set of objects; - Online store; - Retail shop; - Wholesale Resellers. Decomo has everything to become Your best supplier in the world!